Hair Cutting
Includes: consultation, shampoo massage, conditioner, cut & style
$90 and up
Blow Drying And Finishing
Includes: consultation, shampoo massage, conditioner.
Blow dry from $52 and up
Full head from $190
Half head from $165
Crown and parting from $105
Hair Coloring
Single process color from $90
Bleach and tone from $120
Ombre from $250
Gloss from $50
Customized to meet the needs of the individual scalp and hair. Price agreed upon consultation. from $25 - $47
Permanent texture change
Straightening/relaxing from $85
Keratin smoothing from $275
Express from $170
Special Rates For Haircuts
For children under 12, students with ID, hotel staff,
Models & actors with comp cards.
Available monday through thursday.


All prices are agreed upon consultation
Leg upper $32
Leg lower $30
Leg full $50
Back $35 Arms $35
Under arms $19 Eye brows $17
Eyebrows and lip special $35
Chin or lips $10-20
Regular bikini $20-35
Brazilian $45
Our talented stylists will take their time to really listen to you, tailor the look you desire, and then work with you to achieve it. We style for all genders, and will help you achieve a beautiful, lasting design.